We know that brushing our teeth can help avoid cavities. We’ve learned that exercising 3-4 times a week can improve our cardiovascular health. Eating right can improve our nutrition and weight management.

So why haven’t we talked about our brains and how to avoid anxiety and depression?

ACAP HealthWorks set out to find a clinical solution for mental health. After discovering a largely reactive market, we decided to be proactive. We found that our health care system is largely designed to treat symptoms instead of preventing the cause. So, we assembled the best and brightest minds to care for the individuals who aren’t yet the 1 in 5 that suffer from mental health distress.

Research has confirmed that individuals can leverage neuroplasticity to rewire pathways in the brain. Simply put: It’s been scientifically proven that we can train our brains to handle life’s daily stressors, inevitably lowering our risks for anxiety, depression and even suicide.

Joyages is a mental health app that delivers a customized experience designed to empower users to become happier in just minutes each day.

The app encourages positive habit formation and mindset shifting. With customized assessments designed to alert users to mental risks, the Joyages app is a private, user-friendly digital life coach that helps users navigate through life’s toughest moments and build the resilience necessary to thrive. There’s something for everyone.

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