Joyages is a Digital Life Coaching application for Brain Health designed to help you address and manage life’s common stressors!

Joyages is an on-demand app that will train and equip you with the tools necessary to deal with everyday life challenges. Joyages focuses on habit formation and mindset shifting, featuring all types of content from personal development to happiness hacks and positive news consumption.

Joyages covers a variety of categories including but not limited to: Happiness, Relationships, Personal Development, Higher Purpose, Habits & Goal Setting, Work/Career and more!

Joyages offers a variety of features including but not limited to: Habit Trackers, Guided Journals, Clinical Assessments, Personal Development Content, Activities, On-Demand Digital Therapy and more!

No one else is able to see your journals. This is a personal and private feature of the app meant for you to log your thoughts.

No. The employer cannot see which activities each individual user is participating in.

No. The employer will not know individual assessment scores.

Joyages is available FREE to all employees through participating employers.

Simply visit the app store and type in Joyages. The option to download the app will appear when Joyages pops up in your search results.

Click the “create an account” button on your home screen. Fill in the fields and make sure that your password includes an upper, lower and special character. If you have a company code, make sure to include during registration. You will receive a confirmation code via text message to confirm your account.

Your HR Manager will be able to provide you with said information.

If the Joyages Talkspace feature is not covered by your employer, you can request a discount code from the Joyages team in order to be able to participate at a special rate.

Yes. The Joyages app will be available at retail in Fall 2019.